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Good and less good times for quick money through loans

Fast money can sound very tempting. Especially when it comes to loans that you easily apply for and the money comes into account quickly and efficiently. But despite the fact that in today’s society it can be incredibly easy to take out a payday loan and that most adults can come up with any loan Read More

Holiday Loan: Family Travel at Your Fingertips

Touring a borrower can be a solution for many people! Finally, open more than expected viagem when there are ways to anticipate this money and take advantage of it does not seem necessary, does it not work? But there has been a lot of reluctance to opt for a type of solution such as this Read More

Loans: Buy What You Want and Need

How special loans can we be the last solution to buy or what do you want and need semi worries? Trust us post to follow and understand! Why do we think about special loans? Everybody always waits for the conditions to arc with those anusan lards that are simply told: ter dinheiro to present the Read More

Is it worth investing in real estate if there is another crisis?

Real estate investing provides long-term returns above inflation. In the United Kingdom time series (Hungarian is unavailable for such a long time), the value of real estate tripled over 40 years over inflation. A staff member of the MNB said that in the next 1-2 years he did not see any factor indicating a decline Read More

Mortgage Ranking – May 2019 – banks offers.

Every month at Good Finance we will present the best mortgage offers for the purchase of real estate from the secondary market based on current bank proposals. Each ranking will contain five best offers in terms of the total amount to be repaid, with a property value of USD 200,000, USD 300,000 and USD 400,000, Read More

What is E-Money? An innovative platform or another Loan and Credit broker?

If you are wondering what E-Money is, we answer – it is a Loan and Credit, commodity and stock broker, which in addition to the standard offer has a very important advantage – the ability to copy transactions of other investors. There is a lot to choose from, because over 9 million people around the Read More

The government’s latest loan release action has been announced

In the case of women with student loans, from 1 January 2018, the debts of the first child shall be suspended for three years, the second child shall, in addition to the suspension, be released half of the debt and the third child shall be completely discharged. The measure, which was already released in May, Read More

Bank loan interest

Auto loan bank There is talk of loan lenders which can also be paid to ensure the repayment of the sum by the applicant. A problem that instead is compared to a building, but it is possible to obtain a loan, if the employee and the self-employed person who shares the costs of the loan Read More