Month: January 2020

Good and less good times for quick money through loans

Fast money can sound very tempting. Especially when it comes to loans that you easily apply for and the money comes into account quickly and efficiently. But despite the fact that in today’s society it can be incredibly easy to take out a payday loan and that most adults can come up with any loan Read More

The right credit card for travel & vacation.

  The Germans are undoubtedly very keen to travel and look forward to their well-deserved annual vacation. “Coming to the door” at least once a year is an absolute must. Regardless of whether you are traveling far away or within Germany, financial matters should be taken into account when planning your trip. It’s not just Read More

Credit bank certificates: free credit check.

The peer-to-peer concept is becoming increasingly popular. Here, loans are granted from private to private. Since lending to banks is often associated with a certain amount of bureaucratic effort and the credit request for many people is ineffective, the online credit marketplace Bestbank tries to help precisely these people in borrowing money. It is thus Read More