Accra Academy unveils recording studio



Accra Academy high school is set to launch a recording studio for students over the weekend, recording veterans and sound engineer, Zapp Mallet has revealed.

Describing it as the first of its kind, he said he was ready to support a national initiative for the teaching and learning of musical instruments and music in schools.

Zapp Mallet revealed to Reverend Erskine in the LeaderBoard series of Y107.9FM that “I will be ready to do it because music plays a vital role in our society”.

According to him, the feat will encourage other schools to emulate the system and promote the teaching and learning of music in the country.

“We use music to learn and even to teach. For example, we teach the multiplication table with music.

He said there are specialty schools that also use music therapy to teach students.

“I heard of a woman who uses music therapy to teach autistic students,” he said.

The sound engineer who did his high school education at the Academy of Accra from 1975 to 1982 reiterated that he is always ready to get involved in the introduction and promotion of music in schools across the country.

Accra Academy Senior High School has produced a number of quality artists and sound engineers among a myriad of other industry experts.

Gafacci (Bleoo ’06), King of Accra (Bleoo ’05), Zapp Mallet (Bleoo ’82) are among the few sound engineers from the school while Jerry Hansen (Bleoo ’47), first president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), KiDi (Bleoo ’12) and Danny Nettey (Bleoo ’88) are some greats in Bleoo’s music.



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