Analysis reveals that DaBaby is the most swearing artist; Harry styles the least


FAIRFIELD – In music, swear words have become commonplace, even for the purest artists. Not all musicians decide to use swear words in their lyrics.

At Home Connection took a look at the Top 200 Songs from Last Year on Spotify to determine the most popular recording artists.

Rehearsal artists have been removed. Then a list of artists was compiled who were in Spotify’s top 200 last year at least 100 times.

Genius was used to scratch all the lyrics from these artists. Then it was determined which curse words appeared the most.

The number of words and the number of expletives to determine the percentage of expletives in the artist’s lyrics / songs were examined.

Over 1,091,844 words (in lyrics) were analyzed to determine the artist who had the highest percentage of profanity in their music.

The cleanest mouths in the music industry were also reviewed. Harry Styles has yet to swear in a song.

DaBaby arrived at 2,900 swear words – 4.5% of all lyrics analyzed.

The 28 artists on the list swore a total of 21,324 swear words.

While Future had the highest number of expletives at 3,254, overall, his expletives only made up 2.69% of his words. J. Cole had 3,247 swear words, representing 2.64% of his words.

Of the artists who cursed the most, only two were female – Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.

Billie Eilish curses more than Styles, with 46 curses on her best tracks, as does Taylor Swift, who has cursed 150 times on her best tracks. But Swift curses less in her best lyrics at 0.21% compared to Eilish at 0.46%.

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