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Karima (Photo credit: courtesy DARE Records)

* Dove Award winning recording artist and Grammy nominee Karima, best known as a co-founder and member of the award-winning Contemporary Gospel Virtue trio, has signed with DARE Records. The new solo recording pact brings Karima’s moving soprano back to fans of urban and contemporary gospel / Christian markets. His first musical release will be announced shortly.

Returning to recording is a complete moment for Nashville-based Karima, who had taken a break from music to focus on family and entrepreneurship in the years following Virtue’s last project. A few months after deciding to re-enter the recording industry and focusing her daily prayers on this goal, Karima says she received a DM from Michael-anthony taylor, CEO of DARE Records, asking if she was interested in recording as a solo artist.

“I first worked with Karima 18 years ago on a remix of Virtue’s hit single ‘Good’,” recalls Taylor. “I have never forgotten that voice and I thank God for social media. I am so excited about his future. Hang in there!”

“Talk about a looping moment… my sisters and I, Virtue, had the opportunity to work with Mr. Taylor on a remix of one of our songs,” says Karima. “The full loop moments don’t stop. How ironic is that Tara Griggs-Magee, who signed me for my first recording contract when I was 18, happens to be the president of DARE Records? My heart is full and my mind is blown in the best possible way. I have worked with most of the DARE Records team to some extent over the years. It looks like a reunion. “

Griggs-Magee, the label’s president, is equally thrilled. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Karima again during this exciting and pivotal time in her career. I discovered and signed Virtue originally, and I played a major role in the early development of the group, ”she says. “To continue to see this next step in Karima’s growth as a talented, seasoned and impressive recording artist is simply phenomenal. His best is yet to come and is now here.

Songwriter and singer, Karima expressed her joy over the new signing in a widely viewed Instagram post, in which she cried, praised God and offered words of encouragement to those who are still chasing their dreams. “I cry constantly,” admits Karima, “because I’m so grateful to God that this time has finally come, and it came at a time when I thought it was once again.”

Born and raised in New Orleans, Karima Trotter began singing in church with her sisters. While attending Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, she was called to form a vocal group for a weekly worship service that received wide attention. The band eventually caught the attention of Tara Griggs-Magee, who signed the band Virtue to then-booming gospel label Verity Records. Members have evolved to include Karima and her sisters Ebony Holland and Heather Martin.

Karima eventually recorded seven studio albums with Virtue, including their self-titled debut album, Virtue (1997), Be ready (1999), Virtuosity (2001), Dove Award album To free (2003), Just the tubes (a compilation album, 2004), Grammy nominee Testimony (2006), Testimonial Reloaded (2015) and Intrepid (2016). Karima came out in 2009 with a solo project titled, Just Karima.

With her signing to DARE Records, Karima joins a diverse roster of artists that includes Keke Wyatt, Juan and Lisa Winans, Shontelle Norman-Beatty, Travis Malloy and Sevánt, among others.

“All it took was a few conversations about my passion for continuing to sing and in December 2020, I was officially a DARE Records artist,” says Karima. “It seems fair. “



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