Carl Cox just signed to BMG as a major recording artist



Carl Cox just signed to BMG as a major recording artist

King of technology Carl cox just revealed he’s signed to a top label BMG as a major recording artist. Entering BMG’s star recording artist panel, Carl Cox joins other recent signings such as Louis tomlinson and Craig david and other big names already on the label ‘such as The Prodigy, Solomon, Jean Michel Jarre and more. Of the dance music veteran’s exciting adventure now starting on this major label, he says:

I released my first single with BMG many years ago, so I couldn’t be happier to be signed there now as a recording artist. Being in the studio all year and digging deep with BMG support will hopefully make the debut album something special. I can’t wait to share my music with the world. ‘

Carl Cox’s career is already more than impressive, making him one of the pillars of techno and dance music in general. More than a living industry legend, Cox is also an unstoppable artist who continues to outdo himself and impress the entire music-loving community. Certainly, at BMG he will find new tools and opportunities to make his career path even more exciting than it already is. We are very happy to see what this impressive step will bring.

This great novelty comes in the succession of many others, because Carl Cox regularly makes the headlines of the music media. Aside from releasing his official biography later this summer, Cox currently resides at BBC Radio 1 The Residence series. Last week it was also announced that Carl Cox has teamed up with Water Bear – The Music College for something very special, the Carl Cox scholarship, which involves supporting a deserving student with cash prizes and materials. In addition to this, the King does not stop in his program of concerts, virtual or in person, as current circumstances allow. His schedule, and ours, also includes a performance at Brighton Beach, as part of the British Hall’s 21st anniversary celebrations. Concorde.

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