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The Baller Alert Show the podcast is back with a brand new episode! In Episode 151, Dreamville’s recording artist Low joins the team to talk about working with J. Cole, new music, the Battle of Dipset and Lox Verzuz and more.

The show starts with In case you missed, where Su catches up with us on the latest events like TI’s arrest in Amsterdam and Coco Austin’s reasoning for breastfeeding her 5 year old daughter.

Stockings interview

The show continues with Bas. He kicks off the interview by giving us the meaning of his unique name.

“Bas is my birth name. It means lion in Arabic. My family is from Sudan and Arabic is the main language.

By signing with Dreamville

Bas says he started rapping “purely by accident”. Friends convinced him to rap on a random drunken party which then triggered a bug in him and he was working on his craft every day, often sending records to his brother. His brother attended college with J. Cole and later became the rapper’s manager and co-founder of Dreamville.

Bas said Cole called him one day about his trade and invited him down the road with him. Shortly after Cole launched Dreamville, he signed Bas as his first artist.

On what he learned from working with J. Cole

“[There’s] so many talented musicians and producers outside of our camp that really helped accelerate my learning curve, in a way. Just because I got to be there and be a sponge and sit in these sessions. Even the first tours Cole took me, I wasn’t playing. I would just take the bus, work on music, and watch him play every night. “

On being “asleep”

“I’m aware of it and in a way I want to get out of it. I want to put my stamp on it. I want to make those big records that you need to reach a certain audience and achieve certain fame and notoriety. I try to be intentional about all of these things.

On his style of music

“It’s good to have diversity. If you can’t put me in a box, then I’m doing something right.

Baller Mail

Hey Rari, I’m a middle aged Caucasian woman, but I’m addicted to black men. I’m in a relationship with a Caucasian male, but I can’t help but fantasize about African American men. I am strongly considering leaving my man to have sex with an African American man. What are some things I can do to overcome this or overcome this?

Check out Su and Rari’s response and the full episode below:



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