Greek London Artist V/Terpan Is Ready To Win Hearts With ‘Sun’


With high octane rock grooves and poetic lyricism, versatile musical artist V/Terpan released their brand new single ‘Sun‘. As the name suggests, it’s a gorgeous alternative rock single packed with power, grit and melody all at once. Being a highly talented recording artist allows him to navigate the entire soundscape and captivate listeners with his eclectic singing styles. It is the title track from the five-track EP of the same name, ready to embrace the music industry. The artist has a deep, raspy voice that is complemented by masterful sound design, providing a clear way to open the lyrics. The EP also consists of other singles like ‘My sorrow‘, ‘The path‘, ‘leave the music‘, etc. Each of the tracks is an example of this artist’s skills, individuality and unwavering personality.

This London-based Greek artist takes quick steps with each of his hit music releases. Her first two singles in 2019 namely ‘Never love again‘ and ‘Out‘ created a huge buzz which is still carried with two more single releases in 2020 namely ‘To promise‘ and ‘The beast ‘. V/Terpan released another EP in December of the same year titled ‘When poems gave us life‘. He treated listeners to six amazing new singles. His powerful musical arsenal expands with the latest release from ‘Sun‘ and the membership album too. This artist currently revolves around the quintessence of everyone’s attention with his poetic, sophisticated, black and rock elements. Both singer and songwriter, this artist highlights his dynamic through each of his musical projects. Inspired by various major artists like The Doors, Muse, QOTSA, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and many more; it offers a mix of rock and pop with some alternative elements. Follow him on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and YouTube for more. It is also available on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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