Mobile recording artist, Carla Williams, is honored to release debut tribute album to legendary duo, The Carpenters


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – After years of hard work, a mobile artist has just recorded her dream album. The album, titled “A Tribute to the Carpenters” attracted a lot of attention. Carla Williams hopes to pay homage to 1970s music legends The Carpenters in this album.

Williams said she was most comfortable singing on stage. While country was his favorite genre of music for years, this latest album is in the realm of pop. Williams launched her singing career in Nashville nearly 15 years ago, but put it on hold while her children were small. Then Grammy winning producer Michael Omartian invited her to sing on the tribute album because he felt her voice sounded a lot like Karen Carpenter’s voice.

“Carla had this wealth in the lower range. It was special. You don’t hear people like that. It’s a different thing today,” Omartian said.

“It’s not a Carla Williams album. It’s a Karen Carpenter album. I want people to bring her legacy back to life and understand the genius behind the music they recorded,” Williams said.

Williams said she didn’t want to release the album until her team had the blessing of Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter’s brother, who now lives in California. They sent him a rough cut a few years ago, and he gave them a thumbs up.

“He wrote back to us and said she (Carla) delivered these lovely songs, and I wish her the best,” Williams said.

Williams even recorded part of the album with the London Strings at Abbey Road Studios, home of the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

“Step into this studio was the most surreal humbling experience of my life,” she said.

Williams also invited pop singer Sir Cliff Richard and country music star Billy Dean to sing a duet with her. She even produced a music video with Dean called “Merry Christmas Darling”.

Williams hopes to travel the country sharing her album, but she says there’s nothing quite like performing in her hometown of Mobile.

“So much musical greatness has come out of Mobile, and I’m thrilled to continue that legacy here,” Williams said.

If you want to buy the album or tickets for future concerts, click here.

Here’s a complete list of people who played roles on Williams’ “Tribute to the Carpenters” album:

  • Sir Cliff Richard: Has sold over 250 million records worldwide and is the third best-selling artist in UK Singles Chart history, behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley.
  • Steve Lukather: founding member of the group “Toto”.
  • Michael Omartian: Multi-Grammy Award Winner, Arranger, Producer, Singer-Songwriter and Composer
  • Steve Dorff: Member of the Songwriter Hall of Fame and one of the original authors of the Carpenters song “I Just Fall In Love Again” which Carla covers on her album.
  • Bill Champlin: Former member of the group “Chicago”.
  • Tom Hemby: Grammy Award winner and four-time Dove Award winner. He has worked with artists such as Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and many more.

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