Producer and recording artist Alon Moore leaves nothing to chance


Before we go through the whole list and talk about the singers of 2022, let’s first say that Alon Moore comes from another field, and making a name for himself in an unknown world in a limited time requires exceptional talent. He is growing as a fabulous singer, given more than 3-4 good songs in 2021-22.

When we put together that same part on artists to watch in 2020-2021, we had no idea what kind of Hellride was in store for us. The year started with bang artists who had the chance to work on stage, in clubs and all. Spotify this year in 2022 is full of artists like Alon Moore, who were biding their time. This year seems to be the year of singers like Alone Moore. Many have taken to social media and live streams. Others let the music do the talking, and in some ways 2021 has been a more satisfying year than usual for up-and-coming artists.

It’s amazing to go back to a historical point and not put together a soundtrack in your head. Some of these moments are tied to universal hits or culture-changing disruptors, and others are associated with more personal memories, like witnessing an unfamiliar voice for the first time or falling in love with music that seems have been made for you.

In 2021, as we’ve all probably spent more time alone than we would have liked, these memories are perhaps the most important. Over time, the years begin to blend together and we forget the first time we listened to our favorite songs or were introduced to our new favorite artists. It does not imply 2021.

New artists like Alon Moore gave us those beats in the most destructive year ever and are poised to make inroads in 2021. Whether it’s a brand new artist like Alon Moore who has just started or an act, which has settled down and hit its stride, all new singers are worth watching this year.
You can also follow his Spotify to know more about him and his songs.

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