Recording artist Dante Tweaks is a trapstar and rockstar combined into one



“Life is a game of chess. All you have to do is try to play well. This is the guiding principle that has helped Dante Tweaksthe success of in the music industry and his personal life. Many in the scene know him as the owner of Connecticut’s largest recording studio, the only one endorsed by Hot 93.7, CT’s hip hop radio station. He also owns the independent label Howell Records Studios.

However, Dante is also a recording artist. His first single hit Hot 93.7 when he was just 19 years old. His single, “Plug Ran Dry”, went to number 69 on the UK iTunes charts, and Dante got a plaque for it. Over the years he has composed songs with such figures as New York rap legend Grafh, Young Dirty Bastard and Street Gena from Jamaican band E-SYDE.

Originally from the Bronx, Dante moved to Connecticut because he saw a gap in the industry there. Very motivated person, the need to take the lead pushed him to found his studio and manage his label himself. He assembled a suitable team and began to build what is now a power label. In the meantime, he was also experimenting with different sounds to find out which one was best for him and what it represents.

He explored different ways of doing it and directed many feature films with legendary rappers. Recently he even did a cross record with a dancehall artist. After a lot of tweaking, Dante and a producer he hired found one that sounded good. It was a mix of trap music, popular hip hop subgenre, and rock music. The combination gave birth to what is now called TrapRock, a genre Dante is responsible for the pioneer and extension in Connecticut.

At present, trap music is emerging as the new soul music as it is gaining popularity around the world. With its many sub-genres, it is ideal for an audience looking for fresh and upbeat music. Dante’s TrapRock is one way to get an idea. His first single, “Off the Bat”, is a prime example of what the future of music might look like in a few years, and it didn’t stop there.

At the moment, he is about to launch his first album, TrapRock: Volume 1. He’s doing it independently through his Howell Records label and believes it will make Connecticut the powerhouse for new music. It’s important for him because even if he likes to be the boss, having a community means a lot to him. And Connecticut gave him that when he left the Bronx, so he wants to support him.

Dante and his team are currently opening a digital marketing company to collaborate with his record label. All the resources they have gathered over the years will be used by him and other artists to provide singles with proper production services and make them successful. Resonating with his audience is important to him, so he wants to be in charge as much as possible with creative control.

Dante’s songs are on Spotify, where he has already gained over 2,000 monthly listeners. If you appreciate new and authentic sounds, you will find it in his music. The promise he makes is to make sure that “as I live it, you hear it”.



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