The Big Takeover: Starry Sky


Starry Sky – Little Wonders (Fox Star Records)

September 6, 2022

With only two sound hits, that is to say the two opening tracks of this Starry sky‘ fourth album, the group shows how versatile they are. “Smile Through The Dark,” which kicks off, is a delicate, smooth acoustic guitar and vocal creation that has you running for your Don Mcclean and James Taylor album; so much does he remind you of and stand on the shoulders of such giants, such genius. And then, as if to say, “ha, you might think you pegged us, but…” they head to recent single “Spitfire Suzie,” the most deft slice of power-pop you’ve heard in a long time.

But rather than these two songs acting as the musical spectrum, the range to perform, it’s just a teaser, a suggestion of sound service. As satisfying as these two tracks are, they’re just a selection of the musical feast on offer here.

“Light In Your Soul” is the kind of song that The beautiful south you would have physically struggled in the dirt to get your hands on it – spacious, reflective, gorgeous. And then, as if to prove they can even cover the most feet on the monitor, with their heads down, no-frills, nonsensical boogie, they release “I Don’t Wanna Be That Kinda Guy” – a song that sits between pop and anvil; Part muscle, part melody, totally glorious and wonderfully refreshing.

“Iris In The Underground” is infectious and moving, “Natural Way” swaggers and grooves, and “On the Beach is shimmering and sensitive.”

Many bands have a signature sound and revel in a particular sound or style. While Starry Skies can ground themselves by placing one foot firmly in the pop-rock world, their music is colored by where they choose to put the other – rock and roll, soul, folk, balladry, torch song – which forms their fluidity and a fabulous palette of sounds. Have you ever heard a more versatile and really exciting band lately? No, I didn’t think so!.

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